Our customers are using Cutover to completely transform the way they plan, rehearse and run critical events. From global banks to well-known high street brands, here's what they have to say.


“I genuinely love having this level of detail for an implementation without disturbing the people doing the work.”
Payments Programme Director

“Cutover made for compulsive viewing on Sunday at 4am.”
Financial Services CTO


“It's a great way of getting to the detail in a critical event in a non-intrusive way.”
Financial Services CTO

“The tool is impressive and easy to use. The dashboard view really provides a great overview of progress and delivery."
Data Centre Recovery Test Lead


“We piloted Cutover for a major event. It will be even more extensively used in the next one. We were very impressed.”
IT Service Management Platform Release Team

"The golden source of evidence."
Head of Release Management


“This... is so cool." 
Executive Director

“I love the filtering. Being able to see just our team's tasks makes things much more manageable." 
Middleware Developer


“I found the text messages coming through on each of our tasks very helpful." 
Infrastructure Manager

“Our team had a much clearer idea of their roles in the event." 
Infrastructure Manager


“This will help us to remove lots of admin work and ensure that people are on the right version of the plan." 
Financial Services Professional

“The most responsive web app we've seen to date." 
Senior Banking Technology Professional


“I can think of so many projects I've done in the past that would have benefitted from this." 
Infrastructure Manager

“The timing data is very useful." 
Financial Services Professional