Ky Nichol
CEO - Enterprise Sales 
Formerly the Global Head of Government and Major Sporting Events practice at a niche global consulting firm, Ky has 15 years of experience in major launch events and transitions. These experiences span EE, NASA, European Space Agency, Barclays and the London 2012 Olympics.

Marcus Wildsmith
CPO - Product Management
Formerly the Global Head of Telco and High Tech practice at niche global consulting firm, Marcus has 15 years of experience of major launch transitions, projects including EE (the UK’s largest Telco), the first UK 4G Services.

Richard Bell
Head of Business Development
Formerly the IT COO & Deputy CIO for Barclays, Richard has over 30 years of Financial Services experience, including the delivery of many international change programmes across Investment, Commercial, Wealth & Retail Banking.

Kieran Gutteridge
CTO - Technology and Engineering
With 15 years of web, iOS/iPhone and Android development, Kieran has previously developed mobile applications for Tesco, BBC and other prominent organisations.

Craig Gregory
Head of Technical Operations
With over 15 years of enterprise software implementation and operations support experience, Craig has worked with many major clients, including Jaguar Land Rover to Gazprom.