5 big challenges when implementing new software

-and how to overcome them

In this guide we have outlined five major challenges you may face when implementing new technology and how our customers have overcome them with Cutover.

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5 big challenges when implementing new software | eGuide | Cutover

Key Takeaways

71% of IT software implementations are not fully successful, with 19% considered utter failures. Platform implementations are very complex but incredibly vital for growth and overall efficiency.

1. How to Managing complexity

2. How you can launch new software whilst migrating existing data

3. Ways to manage Manual tooling and manual intensive work

4. How to overcome Delays, failures, ownership and governance

5. Learn to accelerate your next platform implementation on-time


Perfect For

This eGuide is perfect for anyone considering implementing new software or trying to execute a platform implementation. Other roles this paper would be helpful to are:

Software Implementation Manager

Implementation Specialist

Implementation Coordinator

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