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With Cutover ** can reduce your disaster recovery preparation time by up to 80%

IT outages can have a significant impact on revenue and cost you millions for every hour of downtime - plus negatively impact your customers and lead to regulatory scrutiny. Gain confidence in your IT disaster recovery testing and execution with Cutover.

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Reduce testing time by 70%
Reduce execution time by 50%
Reduce audit prep time by 60%

Why to use Cutover for IT disaster recovery at **

Cutover takes the risk and cost out of your IT disaster recovery operations by enabling better collaboration between teams and automation. **Personal information about the company

Success Story

Danske Bank improves resilience efficiency by 300%

The challenge: Only able to test and shut down 130 services in 10 hours, leading to increasing regulatory scrutiny and risk of incidents.
The solution: The entire data center recovery testing event was mapped on Cutover, cutting down on the time and effort needed and ensuring plans had been approved by stakeholders.
Outcomes: The bank now has 500 people regularly using Cutover and they can flip over 400 services in 14 hours - a 300% efficiency improvement.

Key takeaways:

  • Cutover enabled the team to run rehearsals and identify any changes that needed to be made, which enabled a smoother go live
  • Dashboards provided real-time updates for all participants
  • Cutover gave the bank more confidence that they could quickly fail over services between their data centers and enabled them to prove this capability to the regulator

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