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July 15, 2021

A tech CEO on finding your Pivot Point

Recently, Cutover CEO Ky Nichol was a guest on the Pivot Point podcast, a show interviewing people that have really embraced change: made it happen, made it work, and made it inspiring.

In the words of Pivot Point, the podcast explores the inevitability of change, how we can frame it on our own terms, and how we can own our Pivot Point. 

Mark Heywood, co-founder of Pivot Point and host of the podcast, discusses with Ky the Cutover brand story, how companies have pivoted during the pandemic, and what predictions we can make for the future of work. 

You can listen to the 19 minute episode “Ky Nichol on pivoting in the tech sector” below:

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Pivot Point for inviting us to join them on the podcast. It's available from wherever you get your quality audio content.

About Pivot Point

With businesses in every sector facing change, three leading consultants have combined to create a new, broad-based offering for adaptation, refocusing, and restructuring. Writer and director Mark Heywood (inkjockey), behavioural scientist Christian Hunt (Human Risk) and strategic adviser and writer Eliot Wilson have founded Pivot Point, a multi-disciplinary practice.

“Change is everything. We’ve studied it, practised it and implemented it. So we can help you to make change your ally and own your Pivot Point. Pivot Point is a strategic advisory and PR consultancy. We have a unique blend of corporate, creative, and political experience. Whether you’ve identified a gap and want to work hand-in-hand with partners to close it, or you’ve been caught out by a sudden turn of events or a significant change of landscape, Pivot Point can help.”

To hear more from Ky, check out our Resilience Right Now video series, in which Ky sits down with Resilience Expert Mike Butler to discuss the impact of the pandemic on resilience now and in the future. 

Madz Wakefield
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