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December 19, 2019

Cutover's 2019 in Review and What to Expect in 2020

2019 has been a great year for us here at Cutover!

Through our dedication to work orchestration and observability, Cutover continues to increasingly enable human and machine collaboration at pace for all of our clients.

As we come to the end of the year, we wanted to reflect on 2019 and share some updates on our exciting plans for 2020.

Some of our great company highlights from this year:

  • In November, Cutover secured $17 million in Series A funding led by Index Ventures! The new investment advances our commitment to help enterprises succeed in change, resilience, transformation and operational excellence through work orchestration & observability.
  • Cutover is now used in over 14 major financial services organizations including three of the top four US investment banks, as well as major retail, professional services, insurance and consulting organizations. 
  • Cutover helped clients this year in work including operational resilience for major financial services organizations, digital transformation for a global retailer and a merger for a major hospitality company, as well as helping several investment banks to orchestrate some of the biggest tech IPOs of 2019.
  • Strengthening and expanding our partner relations across the world, with leading systems integrators, consulting firms, application vendors and cloud service providers.
  • More than doubling the Cutover team, with our US team growing five times bigger!


We focused on three strategic areas in 2019; Observability, Integrations and Simple Orchestration. 

Observability - We released our new and improved timeline view of past and future events.  This was one of our first major client collaborations where we involved three major banks through the discovery process. Planning change to identify conflict, reduce risk and provide seamless executive visibility have been key themes. As part of this, we introduced an innovative new UI that can display thousands of events, yet give tangible insight quickly. 

Integration - Integrating with other systems is critical, both as part of orchestrating across human and machine activity and providing observability across a wide range of activities. We can now link to external data sources for reference data, driving up data quality at its source. We are ingesting data from third-party applications to not only visualize that data but also act on it. In 2019 we built some great foundations. In 2020 we expect integration to become one of the core tenets of the platform.

Simple Orchestration - We continued our focus on the planning and execution of complex events as part of our core. Runbooks can now be merged to rapidly create and execute plans with thousands of tasks that are built from hundreds of constituent plans. Large plans can be easily manipulated with bulk actions available in both planning and execution. This is our core and we will continue to innovate in this space in 2020. 

We also solidified our focus on four use cases:

  • Big Change 
  • Continuous Transformation
  • Resilience, Response and Recovery
  • Operational Readiness

Our strategy in 2020 will build on all of the above as well as driving through a simplified UX, based on some much-appreciated user research. 

Our team will have doubled by the end of Q1 and we expect to be able to deliver significantly more in 2020. We will continue to evolve our release approach and make sure our customers can get the latest capabilities quickly, but on a frequency that works well for their needs.


It’s been a great year and we’re looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges that 2020 will bring, including:

  • Helping some of the most demanding financial services organizations in the world to deliver more value by replacing spreadsheets and other outdated tools with work orchestration & observability.
  • Addressing the demand we are seeing for orchestration and observability in other major industries including telecoms, healthcare, transport and the public sector. 
  • Growing our customer base, helping clients to cope with the increasing pace, scale, volume and complexity of work, whilst maintaining resilience.
  • Expanding our relationships and engagement across the US and UK.
  • Continuing to grow the team, especially the product team, to enable even more innovation in the product.
  • Launching our new and improved website.

We’d love to grow the customer community even more. If there is anyone you know that you think should be using Cutover, please feel free to make the introduction!

Thank you to all our clients, partners and investors for their fantastic support and guidance to date.

All the best and happy holidays from The Cutover Team!

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