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May 14, 2020

How to get Cutover on the AWS Marketplace

Off the back of the exciting news that Cutover is now available on the AWS Marketplace, here’s a whistlestop tour of what that means, and why it makes it easier than ever to get more visibility and control over your resilience testing, next migration, or big change program by using Cutover. 


First things first: What is AWS Marketplace?

With thousands of software listings from independent vendors, the AWS Marketplace is a one-stop shop for finding, testing, buying, and deploying software running on AWS. The marketplace makes it much easier for organizations to evaluate, procure, provision software by enabling a standardized approach for all their engagements with suppliers on AWS. 

By launching in the marketplace, we have reduced the effort for AWS customers to initiate new contracts, or renew, expand, and upgrade their terms. Our platform is all about radically compressing timelines so your initiatives are up and running faster, and completing with ultimate efficiency. Our placement on the marketplace enables us to do this for procurement too. We’re offering a standard package, that allows customers to purchase 12 months of Cutover service for 20 users. 


So how do you find and order Cutover on the AWS Marketplace?

Head to AWS Marketplace and search for ‘Cutover’, and you’ll see us pop up, or you go directly through this link. 

Cutover on AWS

Make sure you’re logged into your AWS account, and that you have the ability to procure software on the marketplace. Then hit ‘Continue to Subscribe’ in the top-right. 

You will then need to configure the options for your software contract, and proceed via the ‘Create contract’ button. There are some important billing details on this page, your purchase will be added to your AWS bill, and the option to auto-renew. As you can see the contract duration is fixed at 12 months. 

Cutover on AWS 2

Need a different term length, or more/ less than 20 users?

The service is fully configurable to your requirements. While the terms are shown as fixed to 12 months and 20 users, you are able to amend these to your needs. Simply email for guidance on how to do this. 


Can I use AWS Enterprise or Standard Marketplace agreements ?

We want to offer the most seamless procurement experience possible, so we can accept the terms agreed for most AWS customers in either their standard or enterprise agreements. Again, get in touch via the email above, and we would be happy to help.

Emma Robinson
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