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Intern Report: Ahmer, Computer Science Student

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computer science internHere at Cutover, not only are we passionate about developing software, we're passionate about developing people, too.

Computer Science student Ahmer recently completed an eight-week internship with us, as part of a program run by his university. We caught up with him about his Cutover experience and the things he learned.

"When considering where to complete my internship, I specifically wanted to experience working for a fast-growing company. This was my first experience working for a tech company of any kind, so I was keen to learn as much as possible! Over the course of my eight weeks at Cutover, I was given the opportunity to explore and get stuck into all aspects of the work done by both the Technical Operations and Development teams. I gained an invaluable insight into how tech-based companies operate in the real world. I was able to see first-hand how development practices are carried out in the industry and learn how the latest tools such as Slack and JIRA can be used to boost communication and productivity, manage workflow and organize release schedules for a product. I also learned how deployment is broken into quality assurance and user acceptance testing stages, as well as other tools and practices."

"During my internship, I was introduced to many programming languages and frameworks, including JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, Jasmine, Ruby, RSpec, Ruby on Rails, HTML and CSS. I wrote a number of unit tests for the front end and found bugs and debugged them. I also helped to fix other bugs in the front and back end and implement improvements to the application that were raised in JIRA. Additionally, I wrote both seed files for the database and scripts simply to automate some menial tasks."

"Aside from testing and development for the main application, I helped out in Tech Ops too. I learned about Amazon Web Services, which hosts the Cutover service, as well as AWS CLI and the AWS Pricing API. With this knowledge, I was able to help the company in a wider cost reduction process by writing scripts to programmatically create CSV files, detailing the company’s servers and also the prices we were paying for each of these servers."

"The great thing about interning at Cutover was that I had the opportunity to get stuck into any aspect of the business that interested me and see how the whole company worked. I was given the real responsibility of programming for the product and got a better picture of how Dev works in the real world. At university, we mainly work on small projects in isolation, so this internship provided a wider real-world business context for what I’m studying. Before Cutover, I never really paid much attention to the web development side of things but I’m now thinking about it a lot more seriously for the future."

Thanks for all your hard work, Ahmer!

The Cutover Team