Are You Prepared For A Successful Data Center Migration?

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Recently, we talked about some of the challenges organizations are facing in Data Center Migration. But there are other hurdles to overcome too and it is Cutover’s mission to help. This quick video below will show you how we can help make your Data Center Migration something surprising: simple, stress-free and successful.

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Video Transcript:

Are you prepared for a successful Data Center migration?

Wherever you are in the process, you’re likely facing high costs and substantial risk, with an ever-increasing rate of change.


Welcome to Cutover.


Has your data center migration project overtaxed your change capacity?

Cutover shows you the entire change landscape at an enterprise level, helping you to manage your long-term migration roadmap with resiliency.


Is migration planning and rehearsal hindered by a lack of good tooling?

With Cutover, Runbook planning is as simple as building a to-do list, but it is able to capture the most complex of scenarios. The ability to rehearse means you can identify issues ahead of time and de-risk your critical path.


During your migrations, do you struggle to understand progress?

Cutover’s live visualization allows you to fully comprehend progress, make fact-based decisions, move forward safely and assign and understand accountability.


Are your best people bogged down with progress and communications admin?

Cutover’s ability to orchestrate humans and technology with inbuilt communications means that everyone can collaborate from anywhere in the world.


Do your events leave you without the energy and focus you need for audit and improvement? Do you have the data you need to start with?

After taking the pressure off during the event, Cutover automatically provides a comprehensive source of record for regulatory compliance, as well as analytics for improvement.


Find out more about how Cutover can help you succeed in your data center migration and other Big Change events.