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Meet the Team: Craig, Technical Operations

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Craig GregoryName: Craig Gregory

Role: Head of Technical Operations

Previous roles:

Before Cutover I worked as a solutions architect for one of the world’s largest energy suppliers. The role provided me with the opportunity to engage with senior stakeholders, analysts and technical teams to ensure the delivery of coherent solutions that aligned to business requirements. Prior to this, I worked as a software engineer for a private bank, where I helped architect custom solutions and shape secure systems for private clients. One of my first ventures into IT was with the largest web hosting provider in Europe. Challenging yet exhilarating, my role covered the provisioning of infrastructure, diagnostics and the application of secure and scalable software configuration.

What does your typical day involve?

It's fair to say I wear many hats - Technical Operations really is the framework on which a tech company is built. My role covers infrastructure, security and compliance, performance, cost optimization, and service management. A typical day involves validating our direction against the technical strategy, identifying tactical enhancements, keeping us running optimally and supporting the rest of the team to deliver great enterprise services to our clients.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Adapting to change can be tough - being able to prioritize multiple activities while keeping the product moving forward and our customers happy has been a challenge. Luckily we have a vastly experienced team and a quality solution is always achievable.

What are your main priorities right now and what do you see in the future for Cutover?

We currently provide a best-in-class service, built to the highest of standards. Our focus now is scalability to ensure we can provide the same excellent level of service to multiple customers concurrently. The future for Cutover is bright; we are the best at what we do and we will continue to support our customers and provide them with increased confidence in our ability to deliver an exceptional service.

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