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Custom integrations

Cutover custom integration toolkit

Leverage the full value of Cutover

Go beyond the pre-built integrations by integrating all of your applications to Cutover with the custom integrations toolkit. Enable your teams to easily build simple or sophisticated integrations to automate and support your runbooks.

Create unidirectional or bidirectional integrations to connect Cutover with multiple enterprise applications and services enabling you to easily automate your runbook tasks. Cutover’s custom integrations toolkit allows for the seamless flow of data to and from your estate of applications so you can efficiently streamline and automate repetitive tasks. Gain control of all data access points so teams can quickly identify and adjust time-specific tasks.

What types of custom integrations can I build? 

You can build, maintain and deploy any number of integrations. Determine the data to share between Cutover and your application to automate tasks within your runbooks.

Cutover’s custom integrations:

  • Can handle a variety of HTTP request methods that conform to API standards
  • Allow for the customization of request payloads
  • Capture and store response data within Cutover
  • Allow OAuth-based authentication
  • Permit the inspection of nested API responses to retrieve the values you need
  • Support polling 

With Cutover’s custom integrations you can easily automate dynamic runbooks to: 

  • Prepare and execute against scheduled maintenance events, like a Redis upgrade
  • Manage a planned test through Cutover by linking them with event monitoring tools, such as Atlassian’s Statuspage
  • Enable a fast response and recovery from a Datadog alert
  • Track code development, defect tracking, or deployment status with Jira or Azure DevOps tickets

What happens when an integration task executes? 

You will be able to track the integration as it executes, see the percentage completion rate and abort the integration, if necessary. When the execution is complete, you will see the results of the integration.

How do you authenticate a custom integration? 

Cutover currently supports authentication via the following methods:

  • Bearer token authorization
  • Username and password
  • OAuth

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