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Company: Reduce time for cyber recovery execution by up to 50%

Cybersecurity threats such as ransomware make recovery unpredictable and complex costing businesses billions of dollars every year. Gain confidence in your cyber recovery and strengthen your cybersecurity posture with Cutover.

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70% reduction in testing time
60% less audit preparation time needed
50% reduction in execution time

Why xx should use Cutover for cyber recovery

Cutover takes the risk and cost out of  your cyber recovery operations by enabling better collaboration between teams and automation.

Cyber recovery: Restoring systems and confidence.

Cutover’s single platform with dynamic, executable runbooks bring together automated and manual task to increase efficiency and reduce risk.

Fact SHeet

Cutover for cyber recovery

Cyber attack methods constantly change as bad actors evolve and expand their techniques.

This fact sheet details how using Cutover can help you recover more quickly and effectively from cyber attacks

  • Modernize cyber recovery strategies
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Gain confidence and strengthen your cyber recovery posture
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