Manage the growing complexity of risk, regulation, and work management in the energy and utilities sector. Orchestrate humans and machine automation to move to a better way of working.

Navigate the demanding energy landscape

When operating in an environment of constant change and uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to have visibility over what you can control. Cutover provides a reliable and streamlined platform for coordinating complex processes and critical activities swiftly, securely, and to a highly competitive standard. Humans and machine automation come together in a complete Work Orchestration and Observability platform.



Use automated runbooks to plan and rehearse critical activities such as power plant performance testing, or switching to a backup energy supply.



Automate time-consuming manual processes such as recording performance test measurements. Streamline communication between business units, and free engineers to focus their expertise on technical work.



Evaluate executed test procedures and switch-overs using comprehensive analytics and activity records. Glean insights to drive future improvements, while providing all necessary data for regulatory compliance.


Energy and utilities organizations can harness Cutover in a range of different use cases

Cutover is a powerful platform for energy organizations, power facilities, and petrochemical companies to simplify complexity and move quickly with confidence.

Technology delivery and release

Master change planning, optimization, and execution, to manage ongoing IT releases efficiently, with minimal disruption to operations.

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Operational resilience

Be prepared for disruption and failure events. Carry out tests to ensure swift recovery from disaster scenarios such as cyber-attacks, with clear evidence for the energy regulators.

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Cloud migration

Streamline, manage, and de-risk cloud migration implementations with better visibility and coordination of teams and technology involved.

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Platform implementation

Whether it's a large SAP implementation, a Workday rollout, or an upgrade of any critical platform you rely on, you can use Cutover to expertly deliver the technology you use to the teams who need it. 

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