Cutover for data center migrations

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Jenkins Task-Level Integration
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Cutover for cloud migration

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Cutover for data center migrations


April 23, 2021

Ensure data center migration success

As with any migration, when it comes down to the execution of a data center move, the stakes are high, and the risks of failure, compromising data fidelity, or costly delays are well documented. According to Gartner 70% of data center migrations will suffer significant time delays or unplanned downtime, largely due to improper planning. So how do you avoid joining this majority?

How Cutover helps 

The Cutover platform enables you to orchestrate work end to end across your teams and technologies in dynamic, automated runbooks. 

Make work observable automatically with no interruptions, and no gap between management and the teams doing the work. Build the next level of operational excellence in Cutover.

Why partner with Cutover?

Cutover is helping some of the largest, most complex organizations in the world to better manage critical business events. The Cutover platform coupled with decades of experience in managing transformation, technology delivery and release, and operational resilience initiatives for businesses, enables organizations to move quickly with confidence.

Cutover benefits 

  • Cross-team collaboration for the migration is smooth and unified, with integrated communications for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email. 
  • Get a forward view of planned change and migration milestones 
  • Build out and track the progress of any migration pre-requisites to ensure smooth and full completion before go-live
  • Executive stakeholders are always informed by accessing live updates from real-time dashboards without disturbing operations 
  • A library of templated runbooks enables organizations to move faster and improve consistency and repeatability


“We had the vast majority of staff remote. Trying to execute such a complex, multi-threaded and cross-party migration without Cutover would simply have been impossible. Thank you to the team for your help, guidance and support.”

Project Implementation Manager, British Multinational Asset Management Company


To find out more about how Cutover can improve your ability to health check your systems, why not schedule a demo to see the platform for yourself. 

Download the fact sheet

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