Cutover for Digital Transformation

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April 16, 2021

Overcome the challenges of coordinating transformation

Whether it’s a data center migration, a transition to the cloud, a platform implementation, or a compelling business event - like a merger or IPO - transformation initiatives are highly complex. These events typically involve a huge amount of pressure, encompassing a lot of moving parts and people, all working to get things done seamlessly, on time, and with no downtime. Mobilizing and orchestrating teams to deliver toward highly strategic goals is extremely challenging given the complexity, length, and volume of transformation initiatives. In addition, enterprise-wide visibility of transformation is nearly impossible for stakeholders because much of the work is hidden in spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails.

“The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, avoiding negative impacts on  customers and increasing the business’ confidence in a successful delivery.”

Matt Cox Head of Insight & Innovation, Nationwide Building Society

Move quickly with confidence

The Cutover platform enables you to orchestrate work end to end across your teams and technologies in dynamic, automated runbooks. 

Make work observable automatically with no interruptions, and no gap between management and the teams doing the work. Build the next level of operational excellence in Cutover.


Cutover’s Timeline provides a comprehensive, long-term view of your initiative to help plan, coordinate, optimize, and de-risk upcoming events. Using Cutover’s unique Runbook technology, detailed plans are easy to create, template, edit, and rehearse.


Execution is streamlined and coherent, with in-platform communications and automated notifications to keep the flow of work moving swiftly and smoothly. Senior stakeholders get a high-level overview of status and progress, with the ability to customize their view and drill down into the detail. 


Access real-time analytics to ensure your transformation stays on track, and quickly identify potential issues or delays before they become problems. Use the analytics and full audit trail for compliance, and to conduct post-implementation reviews for ongoing improvement. 

Why partner with Cutover?

As a leader in Work Orchestration and Observability, Cutover is helping some of the largest, most complex organizations in the world to navigate huge, multi-faceted transformations. The Cutover platform, developed with decades of experience in managing transformation,  technology delivery and release, and operational resilience initiatives, enables organizations to move quickly with confidence.

Cutover benefits 

  • Understand the full scale of transformation initiatives through a single platform versus hundreds of static documents and siloed processes 
  • Make better decisions based on enhanced visibility for stakeholders 
  • Improve internal planning and processes through reporting, audit and analytics capabilities 
  • Improve collaboration across teams and organizations by streamlining communication channels into one interface
  • Deliver change at speed through the orchestration of human and machine tasks 
  • Free up teams to focus on higher-value activities rather than administrative tasks 
  • Improve and refine processes through rehearsing and learning from the live execution of plans 

Find out more how Cutover helped an asset management company deliver a data migration of £75 billion assets

Download the fact sheet 

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