Cutover for IT Health Checks

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April 22, 2021

Improve your health check capabilities

Regularly checking the health of your systems is critical to maintaining optimal performance and identifying issues that could take some, or all, of your systems down. Unfortunately, many of these health tests are built and compounded over years and years. There is no centralized capability to orchestrate these scripts, so checks are typically performed manually. Whether tests are run once a day, week, month, as the scripts become slower and less efficient, they demand an increasing amount of time and resources. These inefficiencies also mean that it is extremely difficult to respond agilely to an incident by running a check ‘on-demand’.

How Cutover helps 

Tech operations teams have plenty of other critical responsibilities to attend to, and by using Cutover, they can kick off a runbook to conduct the health checks automatically - reducing manual effort, while ensuring regularity. The automation of health checks also enables teams to run tests ‘on-demand’, for example, if an incident is suspected, you can run the check straight away - reducing time-to-resolution. 

If during a health check, an issue is identified or an incident is flagged, you can also automate your response. Cutover is able to store all your Service Recovery Plans, so you can invoke them to run recovery. By using Cutover for health checks, you are able to see a detailed breakdown of when the test was run, by whom, and visualization of its progress and result. This is crucial for maintaining a record of checks, and ensuring visibility across teams so that tests are not missed or duplicated unnecessarily.  

Why partner with Cutover?

As a leader in Work Orchestration and Observability, Cutover is helping some of the largest, most complex organizations in the world to better manage critical work. The Cutover platform coupled with decades of experience in managing transformation, technology delivery and release, and operational resilience initiatives for businesses, enables organizations to move quickly with confidence.

Cutover benefits 

  • Automate regular checks and tests to ensure a comprehensive and consistent approach to service health management 
  • Free up staff to focus on higher-value activities rather than administrative tasks 
  • Run tests on-demand quickly and easily by simply kick-starting a runbook
  • Host your health checks and service recovery plans in one place, and automate both the test and required response or recovery. 
  • Integrate Cutover into your estate to trigger checks and report findings
  • Full audit trail of health check history

To find out more about how Cutover can improve your ability to health check your systems, why not schedule a demo to see the platform for yourself. 


Download the fact sheet

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