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April 21, 2021

Keep pace with technology delivery and release

Delivering and releasing technology means consistently executing change effectively, day in and day out. There are two key obstacles to regular technology change, like release management: lack of visibility, and an inability to maintain business continuity throughout change activities. This can lead to damaging delays, outages, or a high rate of change failure. 

Many businesses struggle to effectively orchestrate teams to deliver ongoing technology change, as their current toolkit does not adequately support the end-to-end process, encompassing the planning, execution, and audit of technology change events. Smart delivery and release scheduling and decision making is nearly impossible due to the inability to see all ongoing initiatives, as so much of the work is buried in spreadsheets, phone calls, and emails. 

“Cutover has a great product that has been used extensively across the Barclays Payments estate and has played a key part in numerous successful complex technology implementations.”

Dan Pilling, CIO Payments Technology, Barclays

Move quickly with confidence

The Cutover platform enables you to orchestrate work end to end across your teams and technologies in dynamic, automated runbooks. 

Make work observable automatically with no interruptions, and no gap between management and the teams doing the work. Build the next level of operational excellence in Cutover.

We help our clients to manage technology delivery and release on a continuous basis and execute change more intelligently. As a leader in Work Orchestration and Observability, Cutover is the only platform that allows you to plan, rehearse, orchestrate, and analyze technology delivery and release activities involving both humans and technology. By turning complex activities into well-orchestrated, repeatable flows of work, Cutover enables effective, repeatable, seamless technology delivery and release across the organization.

For technology delivery and release, Cutover provides:

  • Enterprise and business unit oversight and management of technology change
    Transparency is key to successful delivery and release. Cutover enables leaders to have full visibility of all technology delivery and release activities across the enterprise in a single view, with the ability to dive deeper for more detailed information.
  • Cross-functional collaboration and communications
    Delivery and release events often involve coordinating multiple teams, requiring many threads of communication. Cutover streamlines cross-functional collaboration and centralizes communications, enabling teams to be more productive and better informed, and mobilize faster. 

Cutover benefits

  • Identify and eliminate potential risks earlier with enterprise-wide visibility
  • Collaborate effectively across remote teams, silos, and geographies
  • Reduce the complexity of software-driven change
  • Improve internal planning and processes through reporting, audit, and analytics 
  • Deliver change at speed through better orchestration of human and machine workstreams 
  • Free up people to focus on higher-value activities rather than administrative tasks 
  • Enhance your investments in service management, DevOps and collaboration tools
  • Eliminate release regression and reduce release duration

Why partner with Cutover?

As a leader in Work Orchestration and Observability, Cutover is helping some of the largest, most complex organizations in the world to navigate a change-driven economy. The Cutover platform, built with decades of experience in managing technology delivery and release, transformation, and operational resilience initiatives for businesses, enables organizations to move quickly with confidence.

Find out how a Global Payments team in a multinational bank significantly improved their tech change with Cutover

Download the fact sheet

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