Cutover multi-runbook dashboard

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April 26, 2021

Enhance the observability of work across your organization

Cutover’s multi-runbook dashboard gives you a real-time view of all your runbooks in Cutover, on a single screen.  Discover a new level of visibility of work across your business to help you move quickly with confidence. 

  • Monitor progress across your organization
    • Use the multi-runbook dashboard to view the progress of multiple runbooks and see all activity happening across your business. You get a high-level view of your runbooks including Runbook Stage Summary, Task Stage Summary, Rag Status, and Live Run Lateness -  and can drill down into each area for more detail. 
  • Identify areas that require immediate attention 
    • Monitor how your team is orchestrating work through the status of tasks and progression through runbooks and Identify areas that need your attention; so you can proactively address issues and get back on track quickly.
  • Continuously improve your internal processes 
    • Comprehensive analysis and audit of all activities enable you to continuously improve your processes. You can look back at completed events to see the volume and efficiency of runbooks over a period of time to determine where improvements can be made and efficiencies gained. Manage templated plans
    • For operational readiness processes or recovery plans for resiliency,
      get visibility into the maturity and readiness of your assets.
  • Customize your view 
    • You can customize your view based on what matters to you. Whether you’re a business stakeholder who needs to see all the work going on throughout the year; such as completed runbooks, canceled runbooks, and status of existing runbooks; or if you’re orchestrating a set of runbooks and want to know if they are on track, you get the visibility you need to ensure the success of your work. 

For more information on Cutover’s multi-runbook dashboard, contact your customer service manager or email us at

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