Cutover’s Post-Implementation Review (PIR) Dashboard

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April 23, 2021

Post-Implementation Review Dashboard

Without the ability to track the performance of programs in sufficient detail, it is impossible for organizations to achieve continuous improvement - especially for ongoing programs like technology delivery and release or resiliency initiatives.   


Introducing post-implementation analytics for continuous improvement 

Cutover’s post-implementation review (PIR) dashboard uses advanced analytics to aggregate all relevant data from a runbook in order to provide teams with actionable insights. The PIR dashboard provides you with a clear picture of how a runbook has performed, teams can evaluate whether objectives were met, how effectively a program was executed, and actions required to improve the next program or initiative. 

You can access the PIR dashboard after a runbook has completed; and it can be viewed by runbook administrators or shared with the wider team for full transparency. 


After a runbook finishes, Cutover’s PIR dashboard provides:  

  • A runbook summary: (what the activity/event was)
  • Execution summary: (what went well, what didn’t, providing a high-level view to indicate possible improvements) 
  • What kinds of resources you used (resource allocation)
  • An option to add qualitative feedback with text fields: (space for details about what happened, any relevant information, for example, performance was increased by 20%)


You also have the ability to record specific details about the event, so that you can understand the overall value of the program you are delivering.PIR resilience

What did this runbook help you accomplish? 

By including details about value realization you can quickly identify and evaluate the performance and benefits of your program for post-event analysis and future improvement: 

  • Cost reduction/ savings
  • Improved efficiency (doing more with less)
  • Support new business
  • Risk reduction/mitigation
  • Regulatory requirement


Qualitative insights delivered by the PIR dashboard 

  • Task Execution Performance 
    • Comparison of planned timelines vs. actual performance
    • No. of people added to runbook vs the number that participated 
    • Task Lateness 
      task lateness
    • Wastage of tasks and % against duration
  • Burndown of the full duration - to show how the runbook progressed 


The PIR dashboard is a powerful feature that will give your teams better performance insights than ever before. Capture the qualitative and quantitative analytics to drive optimized performance and continuous improvement across your programs of work. 


See the latest updates to the Cutover platform on our product updates page. 

Download the fact sheet

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