Video Conferencing for Remote Teams

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April 23, 2021

Streamline communication with in-platform video conferencing

As part of Cutover’s commitment to enabling remote teams to orchestrate complex work better and faster, video conferencing is now available from within the platform. Powered by Jitsi™, Cutover runbook admins can host video conferences with teams or individual runbook members. Effective communication is critical to efficient work, so when face-to-face collaboration is not an option, this feature enables teams to huddle around plans or issues as quickly as possible.


Simple to use: 

From directly within a live runbook, runbook admins can click on the adhoc comms icon at the top of the screen, add in relevant team members to join the conference and simply start a video call. Team members will receive an email notification with a link to join. Simple and fast, when things are moving quickly, and you’re tackling complex work, this feature ensures that team communication keeps pace with the tasks at hand. Video calls are captured on the audit trail for full traceability, accountability and compliance.Video conferencing

Extend the value of video tools you’re already using:

At Cutover, we understand that our clients use many different collaboration tools including Zoom, Skype, GotoMeeting, and Microsoft Teams.  We’re currently working on a more bespoke solution for clients interested in integrating their own internal video tools into Cutover. Contact us for more information about this.


Security considerations

Security is a top priority at Cutover and we know that’s the case across our clients. We hold any external technologies or integrations to our extremely high standards. Cutover’s video conferencing feature has gone through rigorous information security checks before deploying to our clients. 


See the latest updates to the Cutover platform on our product updates page. 

Download the fact sheet

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