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Financial institutions are reducing risk, increasing control, and moving faster by conducting critical activities on the Cutover platform.

Trusted partner to the world’s leading financial institutions

Cutover is trusted by leading financial institutions, with more than 10,000 registered users at renowned global banks, including two of the top three largest US banks, and three of the top five global investment banks. Why? We provide an unparalleled platform for preparing, rehearsing, running, and evaluating complex activities. All with the rigor and precision demanded by the financial services industry and its regulators.



Develop comprehensive automated runbooks mapping out both birds-eye-view change schedules and the granular detail of individual flows of work and tasks. Instead of taking months, preparing for a major weekend event can be reduced to a matter of hours thanks to the effective orchestration of humans and machine automation.



Coordinate the smooth execution of programs, from disaster recovery testing to platform migrations, at speed and safe from the risk of customer-facing outages. Teams across various locations collaborate seamlessly to carry out the single, live version of the plan. Stakeholders are kept fully informed thanks to real time observability of progress.



Cutover’s advanced analytics and audit trail allow financial institutions to go beyond simply achieving compliance, to fostering strong relationships with the regulators. The granular level of insight is also an invaluable source of learning to implement changes and optimize future runbooks. Continuous improvement becomes standard practice.


Global payments team at multinational bank improves ongoing technology change with Cutover

The Global Payments team in a British multinational bank that undergoes 300,000 changes per year needed a solution to help orchestrate their continuous transformation.


The team was using manual tools and processes, along with some technical automation. This approach was no longer sufficient for the volume and complexity of change.


Cutover is now used to manage the change process instead of spreadsheets and technical automation. There is no longer a need to constantly update and distribute static documents.


By leveraging Cutover, the Global Payments team was able to reduce the number of failed or delayed changes by half, saving an estimated £15 million per annum. The bank now has an improved view of the velocity of change and a reduction of risk.

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Financial institution saves £12m per annum on change

This company needed to improve their capacity to release more technology change, reduce release failures, and ensure an audit trail was in place for regulatory and learning purposes.


Making changes to 24/7 online and digital channels involves a high level of outage risk. Major releases required at least ten walkthroughs for briefings and approvals, making change slow and costly.


The financial institution began to orchestrate their change events in Cutover, to improve the risk mitigation level, execute planned maintenance and upgrades, and avoid follow-on incidents that could affect customers.


As a result of using Cutover, several of the global development centers were able to perform one extra large-scale release over the year, delivering up to a 20% increase in capacity. They also made an estimated saving of £12m per year by avoiding incidents.

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American multinational bank delivers major data center migration with Cutover

Needing to reduce risk as part of its global data center strategy, a major multinational bank was facing a large-scale data center migration requiring triple the usual volume of change.


Exiting 12 data centers and migrating 2,400 applications to four new data centers meant increased risk and resource requirements, beyond the capabilities of existing tooling.


The bank decided to automate as much of its service offering as possible, across the set of human and machine activities. Cutover’s library of runbook templates was the starting point for building out their migration plan.


The bank obtained an unprecedented level of visibility and control, thanks to Cutover’s overall view of progress, delays, issues across applications, lines of business, and the entire program of migration activity.

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Achieve success across different financial services applications

Cutover is helping investment banks, building societies, and other financial institutions to coordinate various strategic and routine change activities.

Application release orchestration

Reduce the risk of downtime by optimizing regular releases and ongoing technology-led changes, such as the updating of customer-facing online applications.

Operational resilience

Comply fully with financial regulations, and place your organization in a strong position to respond and recover in the increasingly complex risk landscape.

Cloud migration

Coordinate cloud migration implementation phases with confidence and control. De-conflict dependencies, determine the correct order of delivery.

Platform implementation

Seamlessly introduce, upgrade, and maintain your platforms, software, and technology. Coordinate the implementation in dynamic, templated runbooks.

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What our financial services customers say

“Cutover have a great product that has been used extensively across the Barclays Payments estate and has played a key part in numerous successful complex technology implementations. Alongside a great product they have a fantastic collaborative working style to ensure that we embed their product seamlessly into our change lifecycle.”
Dan Pilling CIO Payments Technology, Barclays
“The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence in a successful delivery.”
Matt Cox Head of Open Banking, Nationwide Building Society
We’re certainly operating in interesting times right now. We are using Cutover to great effect to manage the payload of change during this period of heightened awareness on any change activity.
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