The Total Economic Impact Of Cutover Work Orchestration And Observability

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Learn how Cutover helped their customers get great benefits through overcoming challenges and the customers journey using Cutover.

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation and adopt agile software development practices, executing critical events faster and with more confidence becomes vital.

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The Total Economic Impact Of Cutover | Forrester Report | Cutover

Key Takeaways

Benefits our customers experienced using Cutover

Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability platform reduces event planning time by 25% to 50% and event execution time by 50%. In addition to time and cost savings, Cutover reduces risk by mitigating 20% of incidents, in turn improving employee experience and job satisfaction.

1. Reduction in planning time

2. Event execution efficiency

3. Mitigation of incidents

4. Audit efficiency




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309% ROI
average from the Cutover platform
$8.98 Million
benefits present value

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