Cutover has a tightly integrated AWS solution for leveraging the power of AWS Service catalog. This reduces both complexity and risk in setting up and then executing large-scale changes to your AWS cloud operating environment. This integration works hand in hand with Control Tower; the AWS Service for Organizations who are seeking the easiest method to set up multi-account AWS environments with built-in governance at scale.

How the AWS Service Catalog works

Cutover Runbook technology provides the basis for visibility, orchestration, and control when selecting, setting up, and executing complex Service Catalog actions. By surfacing Service Catalog components in the Cutover UI, the user can construct a sequence of tasks that execute actions that deploy complex infrastructure changes, all in one place.

Creating new accounts with AWS Control Tower solves the overhead of manually configuring an account, IAM entities, and any services you use.

By integrating your AWS Control Tower-created accounts with Cutover, you can seamlessly allow Cutover services to subsequently orchestrate AWS services on-demand in the new account automatically.

Once Cutover has received the Control Tower payload it enables end customers to securely provision access to the many services within AWS via Control Tower. This model also ensures that AWS is communicating with a single entity, streamlining the process and ensuring simplicity.

Using Cutover, you can assign roles and permissions to set secure guardrails for access, governing the duration and services that a user can access. The result is unparalleled flexibility and granular, automated access that is fully governed without slowing down your teams. 

AWS Service Catalog

integration FAQs

How do I get started with Service Catalog? Go to your Service Catalog instance on AWS and setup your Portfolio. Your portfolio will contain associated products (eg: Linux server migration), which in turn contain the product specific Cloud Formation template associated to the selected product.
How do I setup the Cutover side? Create a Runbook and setup a Service Catalog Task Type.
What are Service Catalog custom fields? These are specific linked fields by integration to your service catalog instance. When the Task is enabled, the Service Catalog Custom Field will allow you to search all Portfolio's, and when found, display the Portfolio Products in the Cutover UI. Select the product required and then Save the task. This will be ready to execute when the runbook is started.
What happens when the Task executes? When executed the Task triggers the microservice which then runs the implementation script to provision the services, and when completed, sends a response back to the Cutover UI with execution details.

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