Use the Cutover and CloudEndure integration as a single automated solution for Disaster Recovery. Cutover can trigger any recovery plan created in CloudEndure, which allows you to face outages and downtime head on to reduce the loss of revenue and negative impact to the customer experience.  

What can the CloudEndure integration do?

The CloudEndure integration is your single source solution for effective disaster recovery testing and execution. Connect teams, processes, and tools in one runbook for a solid disaster recovery plan.


Orchestrate failover and failback by creating tasks within Cutover that execute the actions of your recovery plan. Once those tasks are created, Cutover allows you to easily test your recovery plan by simulating runbooks before they go live to ensure your plan performs as expected.



You will need a separate AWS CloudEndure account for successful integration set up. Additionally, your team will need to check that any firewalls in your CloudEndure environment are not enabled, as they can prevent the successful setup of the integration. Finally, your team will need to whitelist Cutover’s IP instance in order for the Cutover team to access endpoints in CloudEndure.


integration FAQs

Does Cutover support launching multiple recovery plans at a task level? Currently, this integration is one-to-one. As a result, each task can at most launch one recovery plan.
How many recovery plans can Cutover launch? There is no limit to the amount of recovery plans that Cutover can launch, so long as a CloudEndure task is configured for each plan beforehand.
What kind of response code does the integration show at a task level? Currently, the response code (success) shows whether or not Cutover was able to successfully connect to the CloudEndure console and kick off a recovery plan.

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