Octopus Deploy to Cutover integration

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May 17, 2021

Octopus Deploy is a deployment tool that takes the packages and artifacts generated by your build server and deploys them to various targets, be it Windows, Linux, Azure, AWS, or Kubernetes, in a safe and consistent process. Integrating to Cutover allows you to orchestrate Octopus Deploy tasks in a runbook alongside any other build automations you may be executing in your environment. Cutover provides the visibility necessary that enables you to easily automate even the most complicated application deployments, whether on-prem or in the cloud.


How the Octopus Deploy integration works

Through Cutover, you can easily initiate pre-defined Octopus deployment Runbooks or Script modules that allow work to be performed via a Cutover runbook (e.g. Build a software package or run test scripts). This means that you don't need to perform tasks in Octopus directly, and you can manage other system automations as part of a larger more complex process in one central place.

Use Cutover to gain visibility across your Organisation into complex, sequenced Dev/OPS activities across systems that can all be configured in UI with or without parameters via the implementation of specific Task Types for each as an easy way to build the paradigm for seamlessly executing your next application release.



Octopus Task-Type Integration with Custom Field Parameters


Connecting to Octopus Deploy



Build Complete with URL response for Linking to the Deployment  


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Who can run Octopus Deploy?

Cutover can run Octopus playbooks and scripts as a service account or an identified Cutover user. Using a Service Account is only recommended for non destructive actions. Destructive actions or provisioning actions should be run as an identified user.


How do you authenticate?

This Cutover service can connect directly to Octopus Rest API. If needed, individual user OAuth tokens can be used. Cutover completely encrypts any authentication tokens that are entered. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.


Does this integration run in rehearsal?

This integration does not run in rehearsal by default


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