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Spreadsheets can't handle the complexity of migrations

With a 3-year migration program to run Avon Rubber PLC knew it was too risky to be done with their standard tooling of spreadsheets, emails, and project management tools.

They needed a more comprehensive solution to give them visibility of the live event and help them to plan, orchestrate, and analyze the migrations from start to finish.

Visibility and communication were especially important because they had remote teams all over the world working together.

1 migration down, 2 to go

During Avon Rubber PLC's first major migration using Cutover, they were able to completely retire spreadsheets and other manual tools.

The node map feature clearly visualized the flow of work as a networked set of processes, which helps to identify parallel tasks and dependencies, manage the critical path, and stay on schedule. This was particularly useful as it provided a way to visualize what needed to be done in real time and enabled those running the migrations to identify a roadblock that they were able to rectify mid-event. 

GRAPHIC_Cloud Migration

Migration success

Migration number 1 was delivered on time, and was a big success.

Built-in comms enabled those running the migration to send automated communications every two hours to keep everyone in the know. This was great for those actually conducting the work because they didn’t have to spend time updating others on progress and the major stakeholders including the CIO and CFO didn’t have to ask for updates
100 %
successful migration
4 more projects planned
2x cloud migrations, and
2x SAP implementations

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