Ensure end-to-end ITDR and Operational resilience

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Run service/application resilience testing and invocation, production failovers, and other repetitive events, ensuring swift recovery and compliance with internal audit and regulators.

Check out the video below where the LSEG CSM, Luke Inness, takes you through a 4 minute overview of how Cutover helps LSEG ensure it's ready to deal with an incident, no matter when it happens. 




Bank orchestrates 1000's of recovery plans in one program

The bank needed the capability to pull together thousands of standardized technical recovery plans (TRPs) into test scenarios in minutes rather than weeks. The operational resilience testing function involved thousands of people globally and up to 2000 applications that needed to be tested every year.

The existing home-grown system for this process was inadequate and did not provide the level of planning, visibility, communication, orchestration or observability that was needed to ensure success.

A single data recovery test for improved disaster recovery

Now that the bank is using Cutover, a single data center recovery (DCR) test that can encompass more than 300 TRPs can be prepared and managed independently and then merged into Cutover for orchestration and enterprise observability. Having TRPs on Cutover also allows the bank to standardize them using a template so that there is minimal work to finalize DCR test runbooks. 

Cutover provides users with the status information and updates they need during the test itself to ensure success without manual effort, such as being able to visualize the critical path, which is highlighted in Cutover.

GRAPHIC_Operational Resilience

Better informed, faster disaster recovery

They now use Cutover for:

  • Better compliance as there was demonstrable evidence of testing and the associated timings
  • Auto-calculation of recovery time objective (RTO) through structured technical recovery plans
  • Providing the ability to benchmark performance in data center tests against previous runs
  • Integrated with existing apps to provide observability across the entire process
300 TRPs
managed simultaneously
2000 services
stored and executed in Cutover

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