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Optimizing outcomes when teams and technology collaborate

Orchestrate release management effectively

Delivering technology change often spans business, technology, and operations teams, each with their own internal systems, communication channels, and ways of working. When implementing change, the inability to break silos and coordinate work activities seamlessly across organizational barriers is a brake on both effective planning and successful delivery.

Cutover provides a reliable and intelligent Work Orchestration and Observability platform to coordinate regular technology changes and manage releases. Our clients report increasing their change capacity and reducing outages by at least 20%. It enables precise planning and rehearsal, leverages automation, and expands observability across all users and business units. All this results in greater collaboration and better outcomes.

A global technology change platform for Morgan Stanley

Plan, orchestrate and analyze all aspects of your change management and technology release schedules, with visibility of all the moving parts in a single view. 

  • Still using disparate tools like Excel, WhatsApp and WeChat for tech releases? Hugely improve the efficiency of all your change events with greater visibility of planning, testing and execution. 
  • Structure your change events into SaaS-based, automated runbooks, providing rigour, predicatbility and reliability to your schedules. Standardise your methods and expand your capability to be able to drive even more change. 
  • Work with your dedicated success team to build best-in-class transformation methodologies.

Real-time outcomes

Orchestrate humans and machine automation in seamless collaboration, to reduce risk, simplify complexity, and enhance visibility. 

  • Bring together global teams, different processes, and technology stacks, and move from incremental to real-time outcomes. 
  • Get real-time insights and manage change as it happens. 
  • Migrate seamlessly from disparate legacy systems to cloud and SaaS. Work with our core-partners in the cloud space, such as AWS.

Remote team orchestration for Morgan Stanley

Deliver increasing sets of strategic goals as quickly as possible, without compromising on operational resilience. This is even more important when you have virtual teams, whether as part of normal operations or as a result of a major disruption to business, such as a disaster or pandemic. 

  • Move away from using tools like WeChat, WhatsApp, and Excel to standardise your global communications in a single place. 
  • Set up different visibility permissions and generate greater awareness of all the processes needed during tranformation and change management projects, as well as BAU and Run the Bank activities. 
  • You will have full clarity of Critical Paths and global interdependencies. Never miss a project delivery deadline again.
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Audit process and regulations

By bringing together platforms and processes, this ensures all your activities are fully auditable. 

  • Reduce the time and costs associated with preparation and adherence to regulatory scrutiny. 
  • Simplify and manage your data apporoval processes. Set permissions and approval levels for different team roles, and ensure complete obeservability for yourself and regulators. 
  • Plan, orchestrate, test, and analyze complex work faster and smarter, to maintain operational resilience.

Executive control dashboard

Get a complete view from global dashboards that can be shared across teams and job functions. Fully unify and align teams to ensure total consistency. 

  • Combine all of your global change events into a single platform, via an executive dashboard. 
  • Go granular into the data and analyze all of your events, and improve your processes. 
  • Get full control over your change events holistically, and achieve true governance.

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What our customers say

“Cutover is enabling us to realize our strategic migration goals while ensuring operational resilience reporting and playbook invocation, which is an indication of their commitment to supporting our business.”
Will Westwick CTO of Enterprise Technology, Barclays
“The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence in a successful delivery.”
Matt Cox Head of Open Banking, Nationwide Building Society
When a change event takes place the runbook is played through and hundreds of individuals can follow the operation as it progresses and coordinate via Cutover chat / mobile app. Managers maintain a bird’s eye view of progress and IT staff can better see what’s required of them.
CIO Top Global Bank
Cutover has been absolutely foundational to everything we’ve achieved in this program over the last year but especially over the final weekend where we had the vast majority of staff remote. Trying to execute such a complex, multi-threaded and cross-party migration without Cutover would simply have been impossible. Thank you to the team for your help, guidance and support.
Project Implementation Manager Global Asset Management Company