Seamless failover for zero downtime

Quickly plan and run highly effective data center failovers, ensuring a true assessment of the organization’s readiness to respond in a crisis.

Fast, reliable failover tests, with less risk

It’s not enough to simply have a back-up plan. It’s also crucial to have full confidence that the failover system will kick in when it’s needed. Otherwise, you risk internal disruption, or worse, customer-facing outages. Use Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability platform to build realistic scenarios, run highly coordinated rehearsals, improve your incident response time, and switch to full operation in the failover environment.




Improve production failover planning by building comprehensive event runbooks with greater ease. Once your plans are ready, rehearse them to remove conflicts, identify improvements, and finalize the best possible plan of action.



Streamline and enhance execution with a platform that orchestrates humans and machine automation to complete tasks swiftly and accurately. Automate time-consuming manual processes and notifications, freeing people to perform more complex resilience-building tasks.



Effective resilience-building is only possible when you have easy access to detailed event data and insights. Cutover collects and securely stores a full audit trail, driving a process of continuous improvement and ensuring impeccable regulatory compliance.


Stock exchange group successfully conducts critical failover test

A major stock exchange needed a solution to help conduct their primary data center failover test. The exchange is considered to be critical national infrastructure, so it was vital to get this right.

Challenge: Failover for thousands of critical activities

The failover involved thousands of critical activities to coordinate the transition of thousands of services. If they were unable to failover it would disrupt business and put clients at risk.

Solution: Orchestrate critical activites and increase observability to stakeholders

Cutover enabled the stock exchange to build increased operational resilience capability, by orchestrating thousands of services and making progress observable to stakeholders.

Results: 80% reduction in failover planning

Using Cutover reduced the amount of planning time by 80% compared to manual tools and processes. The exchange has since expanded its use of Cutover to involve more applications, people, tasks, and complexity.

Seamless failover for zero downtime

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