Resilience testing

Integrate tests, simulations, and live responses to consolidate and optimize recovery plans in real time based on failure scenarios. Cut planning time from months and weeks to hours.

Make your resilience program more reliable and robust

Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability platform helps you to reduce risk, while radically reducing the amount of time required to successfully execute resilience testing. Significantly cut down planning time by removing the need for manual tools and inefficient processes. Meanwhile, improve control and performance, with live visibility, automated reporting, and in-platform communications.




Develop detailed, dynamic plans that choreograph every step and respond to changes automatically. Rehearse important resilience testing sequences before go-live, to reduce risk and optimize delivery.



Bring teams together to execute resilience testing with precision and efficiency. Harness machine automation to deliver the data, automate repeatable processes, and coordinate effective communications.



Analysis is built in from the get-go, with stakeholders able to observe progression and activity in real time. Make live adjustments to course-correct, then access the detailed audit trail afterwards for regulatory compliance and continuous improvement.


British multinational bank improves operational resilience with Cutover

A British multinational bank needed to implement a comprehensive resilience solution. They were under regulatory scrutiny and needed the capability to pull together thousands of standardized service recovery plans (SRPs) into test scenarios in minutes rather than months.


The existing home-grown system for resilience was insufficient and did not provide adequate planning, visibility, or communication to ensure success. It did not deliver the required level of resilience assurance they needed, or meet regulatory requirements.


Cutover provided a comprehensive operational resilience platform, hosting thousands of Service Recovery Plans that could be configured into various test scenarios in minutes.


The bank reduced their time to test from 12 weeks down to 2, saving significant time and resources. The team running the event is now better informed during data center tests, helping them to make better decisions.


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