Technology operations

Store repeatable plans in an actionable format, enabling you to better update, test, and execute repetitive activities such as regular tests.

Standardize and perfect regular health checks, tests, and resilience activities

Most organizations regularly conduct a high volume of repetitive technology operations to support their operational resilience. These ongoing activities are crucial to smooth operations but can occupy a disproportionate amount of time and resources, due to a lack of advanced planning and execution capability. Using Cutover’s Work Orchestration and Observability platform, technology operations activity runbooks can be built, honed, executed, and improved in a single place. Move your technology operations out of disparate, siloed formats to achieve greater efficiency.




Take planning to a new level of excellence, using networked node maps to visualize the scope of activity, optimize critical paths, and take proactive action. Move, change, add, remove, or group tasks as required, and rehearse the whole operation for added confidence.



Orchestrate events faster and more accurately: from centrally stored plans ideal for repetitive events and processes. Automation of manual tasks during execution, including next-task notifications, speeds up delivery and allows people to focus on more complex tasks and critical activities, resulting in better performance overall.



Observability is central to how Cutover works. The live status of ongoing tests and releases is fully visible at every stage, allowing effortless stakeholder oversight, and real-time course correction during implementation. All activities are stored and easily accessible for post-event audit and regulatory records.


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“Cutover is a fantastically intuitive solution…which will enable us to standardise deployment practice and communication.”
Matt Cox, Head of Open Banking Nationwide Building Society
For each piece of data, we had an individual that could attest to its quality.
Consultant Major Global Bank
We’re using Cutover and everything is going great!
Consultant Major Global Bank
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