Work Orchestration & Observability become critical for operational resilience in financial services

From 2011 to 2016 major banks suffered nearly $210 billion in losses from operational risk, of which most involved “preventable mistakes.”

IT failures are becoming more common than ever. This paper discusses why the industry is facing more IT incidents and introduces the use of an application release orchestration platform.

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Operational Resilience in Financial Services | Whitepaper | Cutover

Key Takeaways

Financial services organizations are heavily encumbered by a complex, interconnected web of technologies, delivery models and processes. Any change minor changes present the risk of an IT failure. Learn how work orchestration and observability is critical for operational resilience. 

1. Traditional Methods to Manage Risk

2. Future changes in the financial sector

3.  The Need for Application Release Orchestration to Achieve Success


Perfect For 

This white paper is perfect for professionals in the operational resilience industry such as:

1. Change And Release Manager

2. Quality Assurance Release Manager

3. Business Change Manager

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