Maximize visibility, streamline complex processes and events, and improve internal collaboration with a unified digital platform to coordinate activities.

Simplify the complex and spark innovation

The Cutover platform enables you to coordinate multiple complex activities with precision, across different teams and functions, from clinical technicians to commercial executives. Radically compress timelines by automating time-consuming manual processes, reduce risk with greater visibility of processes, and grow efficiency to gain a competitive edge.



Build and standardize product development programs or data migrations as automated runbooks, with coherent visualization of critical pathways, interdependencies, and overall schedules.



Orchestrate humans and machine automation to deploy new technologies, administer product trials, run R&D programs, or simulate operational scenarios. Enhance control with real-time observability of progress, allowing on-the-job improvements and course corrections during the active lifetime of a program.



Raise the level of internal analysis and strengthen your regulatory compliance position, as pharmaceutical standards become stricter and more complex. Cutover’s highly developed audit trail captures and stores data on every step of activity carried out on the platform, providing detailed, reportable, actionable insights.


Pharmaceutical organizations can use Cutover in a range of different ways

From large-scale transformation programs to routine testing of systems and resilience-building activities, Cutover has many applications.

Technology delivery and release

Continuously optimize the performance of regular IT release programs, such as updating scientific software, with better change planning and execution capabilities.

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Operational resilience

Run thorough resilience testing to mitigate the impact of disruption, ensuring reliable recovery in the face of a crisis such as a data security breach or an IT system failure.

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Cloud migration

Streamline, manage, and de-risk cloud migration implementations with better visibility and coordination of teams and technology involved.

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Platform implementation

Whether it's a large Workday implementation, an SAP rollout, or an upgrade of any critical platform you rely on, you can use Cutover to expertly deliver the technology you use to the teams who need it. 

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What our clients say

From a Project Manager’s perspective, usually they were focused on paging and emailing stakeholders, Cutover took care of our stakeholder comms for us.
Project Manager Major US Healthcare Provider
On cost savings, because of Cutover’s software we were able to operate with one fewer Project Manager who normally would have been managing the cutover spreadsheets as a full-time job. We were able to save one full-time employee on the project.
Project Manager Major US Healthcare Provider
Not having to spend all of my time speaking to stakeholders and instead being able to focus on the cutover - it’s the first time this has been possible, it’s the first time that I have not spent all of my time chasing. We had time to do our jobs managing the cutover.
Project Manager Major US Healthcare Provider
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