Manage complex programs such as a new product go-to-market with efficient precision, coordinating all aspects: from launch of data services, to logistics and supply chain management.

Prepare, coordinate, and scale complex initiatives

Cutover offers telecommunications organizations a way to expertly plan and implement both regular events such as signal maintenance testing, and major transitional changes like network upgrades. From the tightening of data protection regulations, to the growing sophistication of cyber-threats, many factors are driving the need for effective management of digital transformation in the telecommunications sector.

Cutover harmonizes activities across teams and technology, enabling telecommunications companies to work faster, smarter, and with greater control and visibility.



Build automated runbooks for complex events such as network upgrades, visualizing every step of the plan including timings, user assignments, and interconnected activities. Zoom out to view different events taking place, and optimize the schedule across functions or business units.



Collaborating across teams, departments, and even organizations may be necessary in the case of testing, implementing, or upgrading telecommunications infrastructure. With Cutover, you can seamlessly coordinate different parties, automate manual processes, and streamline communications.



Post-event evaluation is all too often ignored amid pressure to move quickly to the next line upgrade, service check, or software implementation, but this process is critical for identifying and enacting improvements. Cutover makes analysis quick and easy thanks to the detailed system of record, which forms a reliable audit trail for compliance requirements as well.


Achieve success across different use cases

Telecommunications organizations can harness the power of Cutover to drive successful planning, orchestration, and analysis in a range of applications.

Application release orchestration

Carry out your ongoing program of regular releases, system updates, and software improvements with minimal disruption to teams and customers.

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Operational resilience

Run thorough resilience testing to ensure a quick and smooth recovery in the event of infrastructure damage, network failure, or a customer data breach.

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Cloud migration

Streamline, manage, and de-risk cloud migration implementations with better visibility and coordination of teams and technology involved.

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Platform implementation

Whether it's a large SAP implementation, a Workday rollout, or an upgrade of any critical platform you rely on, you can use Cutover to expertly deliver the technology you use to the teams who need it. 

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