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Ensure the success of highly publicized IPOs by effectively orchestrating complex preparation activities, across multiple teams and organizations.

Choreograph every step of your company going public

While public attention falls on the IPO launch date, the real story is in the volume and intricacy of preparations beforehand. Hundreds of activities must be coordinated, involving different disciplines from bankers to technology experts to senior stakeholders. Getting to go-live is dependent on these many steps being orchestrated effectively. Enter Cutover. Using our Work Orchestration and Observability platform, organizations can expertly coordinate the complex schedule of activities demanded by an IPO launch.

Take the chaos out of IPO coordination




Develop robust, detailed runbooks to map out all necessary activities, complete with user assignments, dependencies, timings, and critical paths. Run full-scale rehearsals to hone and perfect the IPO launch ahead of time, ensuring a smooth performance ‘on the night’.



Execute the sequence of tasks with precision and control, from the pre-launch preparations to the high concentration of activities on launch day itself, to equally important post-launch tasks. Automate routine manual processes and communications to conserve resources and speed up delivery.



Detailed event progress is observable in real-time, keeping stakeholders updated and able to proactively address any live issues arising during the IPO launch. Post-event, a full system of record enables thorough evaluation and identification of learnings to carry over to future IPO launch programs.


Cutover enables large bank to successfully orchestrate preparation for IPO launch

A large multinational bank was managing the IPOs for three technology companies, with responsibility over all preparations for trading on the stock exchange in the last 48 hours of the IPO.

Challenge: Preparation for IPO launch

The event involved hundreds of activities across the banking and technology teams to enable trading. Failure of these highly publicized IPOs risked causing major reputational and financial damage to all parties.

Solution: Simplicity and visibility into the IPO launch

Cutover runbooks orchestrated an intricate set of hundreds of activities across 20 teams including bankers, technology experts, and stakeholders. The bank and all other organizations could collaborate in one place and have visibility of all activity leading up to the IPO.

Results: Successful preparation, successful IPO launch

Cutover provided a view of activities leading up to the event and post-IPO launch. The platform enabled them to identify any potential issues early on and course correct when needed, resulting in a highly successful IPO launch.

Successful IPO launch

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