Collaboratively plan. Efficiently rehearse.
Safely run. Forensically analyse.

Due to rapid technological innovation, financial services are modernising and changing at increasing speed, creating the need for a greater number of critical IT change events. The orchestration of these events requires significant manual effort, leading to high costs and increased risk. Strict regulatory standards mean that there is little room for human error and proving an organisation’s integrity is essential. Current methods are no longer sufficient for dealing with these concerns and new tools are needed to ensure the safety and success of critical events.

Every time an event is run manually it poses an unnecessarily high level of risk and cost to the business. Due to rapid innovation and regulatory scrutiny, these risks are greater than ever before.

Cutover is the only enterprise SaaS solution that addresses the complex human orchestration necessary for critical events. It allows teams to collaboratively plan, rehearse, execute and analyse events on one intuitive platform. Built on a wealth of experience, Cutover provides real-time visualisation of the event’s progress for all teams and stakeholders.