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Success Stories

A global bank's self-guided journey to the cloud

A global bank created guided migration paths, built control with guardrails, and met regulations to move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) three times faster.

The challenge: A disconnected cloud migration team

The bank's move to AWS started by bringing together 35 people from a range of traditional infrastructure backgrounds, spanning databases, networks, storage, and visualization.

With the team scattered across four countries, coming from different departments of the bank, with very different mindsets, the first challenge was ensuring everyone was moving in the same direction. They also needed to ensure they did not create silos and were instead working across teams in a multi-disciplined approach. However, one of the key concerns remained around regulatory sign-off from the bank to keep driving migrations forward.

It was clear from the start that spreadsheets, email chains, and single-threaded project management solutions were not the answer. They needed a tool that would provide visibility across the board, set the guardrails for delivery, and create an audit trail for compliance.

The solution: A standardized and repeatable cloud migration process

Various layers of technology and people needed to work together to deliver the critical elements of migrating an application.
Using Cutover, the bank was able to standardize its cloud migrations and create a repeatable, scalable process by:

The results: Three times faster migration

Today, the bank continues to lead the race to move its infrastructure to the cloud. With Cutover, the team were able to create a standard process for cloud migrations, moving a significant number of applications to AWS in two months. They also made significant reductions to the time spent planning and auditing, up to 50% in some tasks. For the bank, three outcomes played a major role in expanding its cloud program and enabling it to move forward with confidence:

"AWS and Cutover play a critical role in the delivery of our key cloud program. Cutover is enabling us to realize our strategic migration goals while ensuring operational resilience reporting and playbook invocation."
CIO of Enterprise Technology at one of the world's largest banks

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