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2024 Gartner® report: Tips to bolster your disaster recovery program
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Success Stories

American multinational bank undergoing major data center migration program

The problem

An American multinational bank needs to reduce risk as part of its global data center strategy. As part of this initiative, it is currently undergoing a program to exit 12 data centers and migrate approximately 2,400 applications into four new data centers. The program will introduce three times the normal volume of change for the entirety of its duration, so new tooling and ways of working are needed to handle increased risk and resource requirements.

How we helped

By leveraging Cutover, the bank will gain visibility into migration activity they don’t currently possess via Cutover’s Enterprise Observability capability. This will allow them to track the completion of migration prerequisites in a timely manner and smooth out migration activities to reduce risk and resource requirements during change weekends.

The bank will utilize Cutover’s library of runbook templates, with the intent to automate as much of the service offerings as possible across the set of human and machine activities. This will enable them to increase repeatability, avoid mistakes and reduce the amount of time it takes to put a plan together.

The Command and Control team will manage the weekend orchestration of Runbooks, kicking off all Runbooks and intervening and escalating where required. Cutover will pull data from multiple Runbooks to give an overall view of progress, delays and issues across a number of applications, lines of business, or the entire weekend of migration activity, providing a level of visibility that has never before been possible.


With firms facing a more complex set of internal pressures, such as legacy technology environments, cost and resource pressures, as well as a growing set of external stresses including technical innovations, changing customer expectations, increased cyber threats and broader operating ‘eco-systems’, the bank needs to automate and modernize its data centers. This bank wants to be the leader in the industry and is using Cutover as the vehicle to get them there.

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