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Success Stories

Major Stock Exchange migrating over 400 apps to the cloud

The challenge: migrating 400 apps to the cloud

A major stock exchange group needed to migrate over 400 applications to AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers. 

Due to the complexity of the migration program and a lack of visibility, the migration progress became hard to track. The company needed a way to get a clear picture of migration progress across all business services. 

The scale of the project required more than spreadsheets and standard project management tools. As with many organizations, transferring workloads to the cloud is a key part of their strategic focus, so accurate forecasting is crucial to inform decision making. 

270 people were onboarded onto Cutover to migrate the 400+ applications and Cutover’s cloud migration workspace houses the runbooks for each line of business involved in the migration.

How Cutover helped ensure migration success

Multi-Runbook Dashboards

Cutover’s Multi-Runbook Dashboard provides a real-time view across all runbooks, making it easy to monitor progress across all migrations and quickly dig down into the detail to see where improvements can be made. 

Migration standardization

The team created three templates based on the different types of migration. The runbook creators can now use the relevant template to make a runbook for each application, ensuring that the plans are standardized and saving on planning time.

Migration ownership and accountability

Each application migration is tagged to a senior owner tasked with that particular migration, making it easy for each owner to clearly see the progress of what they are responsible for, and for the Head of Cloud Services and CIO to get a clear view of progress across the board and ensure accountability. 

Continuous migration improvement

So far the stock exchange has completed 201 out of the 800 runbooks built for the migration and continues to migrate at pace with continuous improvement.

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