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Success Stories

Furniture retailer manages largest ever Human Capital Management transformation project

The challenge: the largest Human Capital Management transformation project in the world

A major furniture retailer needed to centralize its decentralized SuccessFactors and ServiceNow environments to create a new environment for employees to manage time cards, leaves of absence, and incident or ticket requests. This is regarded as the largest Human Capital Management transformation project anywhere in the world, covering 63 markets through over 400 franchised stores, with 225,000 team members involved.

The project requires multiple releases, so they need a huge amount of coordination across geographically distributed stakeholders. Deployment planning and cutover management is critical to ensure a successful deployment, so they needed a solution to manage and coordinate their work by providing visibility, reporting, and automation at every stage.

Cutover provided visibility, analytics, reporting, and automation

The retailer used Cutover to deliver three major releases covering two test locations before rolling the program out globally through groups of 15 country clusters.

Cutover provided visibility through dashboards and real-time analytics, reporting, and automation across all the deployment planning and management of the program. Cutover is also fully integrated with the retailer’s communication systems to make comms seamless and ensure no one misses an alert.

Continuous operational improvement

The retailer is continuing to use Cutover for phases of activity and deployment twice a year. Increased transparency is making it easier to trace and remediate any errors and constantly refine the process, driving continuous operational improvement.

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