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People and automation working together

Cutover interconnects your teams and technologies through Collaborative Automation, enabling you to successfully manage your technology resilience, cloud migration, and release strategies.

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Cutover's cloud platform brings your teams, applications, and technology together, enabling you to orchestrate manual and automated activities across your organization.

Cutover for:

For executives, Cutover provides a framework that enables your teams and technology to work together through automation. You can reduce your risks and costs with Cutover's hosting, testing, and automated execution of multi-team technology recovery plans, application migrations, and releases. Cutover provides real-time visibility into all activities via tailored high-level dashboards and the ability to drill down into the detail as needed. There's no need to wait for updates from team leaders or interrupt the people doing the work, you can self-serve the information you need from wherever you are and focus in on areas that need attention.

The Cutover platform

Keep your engineering and business teams aligned with your IT strategies for disaster recovery, cloud migrations, application release, and much more. With Cutover you get  greater control and visibility into all the activities going on across your and peers' departments. Cutover's dynamic runbooks and real-time dashboards ensures that everyone involved is working to the same plan and it's easy to see whether you're ahead or behind schedule during the event. Auto-generated audit trails make it easy to provide evidence to auditors and achieve regulatory compliance.

The Cutover platform

Cutover provides a complete view of all of your events across recovery, migrations, and releases with a visual representation of your executable runbooks via the node map functionality. See the full human and automated workflow of activities from start to finish and keep engineering, technology, and business functions informed via built-in automated communications for frictionless collaboration.

The Cutover platform

Cutover enables you to optimize complex work and extend the value of your CI/CD solutions, streamlining your releases to avoid execution risk. With an open API and a wide ecosystem of pre-built integrations across the IT technology stack, Cutover enables you to flexibly create tight integrations via a REST API for the programmatic creation and execution of recovery plans, cloud migrations, and application release and patching.

The Cutover platform
When releasing new technology, reduce outages by up to 20% with Cutover.
With Cutover, recover 20% faster.
With Cutover, reduce planning time by up to 80%.
automated Runbook technology

The Collaborative Automation platform

Cutover brings together teams, applications, and technology on a cloud-based Collaborative Automation platform. Automated runbooks orchestrate the complex web of manual and automated activities involved in IT disaster recovery, cloud migration, and release activities.

What is a runbook?
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One platform, many solutions

Take the risk and cost out of IT operations by enabling better collaboration between teams and technology. Make fewer mistakes, increase automation, have more capacity, and reduce manual work.

Technology Resilience

Use Cutover for your technology resilience activities including IT disaster recovery and cyber resilience. Cutover has helped our customers recover 20% faster.

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Cloud Migration

Whether you're rehosting apps to the AWS Cloud or migrating a data center, SAP S/4HANA, or other app workloads, Cutover's Collaborative Automation platform enables you to plan, manage, and deliver the migration waves with confidence and control. Migrate three times faster, track real-time progress, and scale with zero incidents.

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Application Release Orchestration

Drive continuous improvement and efficiently manage regular releases and ongoing technology-led changes. Cutover's Collaborative Automation platform enables organizations to reduce planning time by up to 50% and reduce execution time by 30-70%.

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Platform Implementation

Whether it's a large systems implementation or an upgrade of any critical platform you rely on, you can use Cutover to expertly deliver the technology you use to the teams that need it. Cutover's Collaborative Automation platform can help you reduce execution time by 30-70%.

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Powerful features to help you maximize efficiency

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Automation runbooks

Runbooks detail all activities planned for an event, both chronologically and by mapping the relationships, dependencies, and critical paths. Runbooks are powerful tools for automating your recovery, migration, and release programs and are easy to set up, edit, and manage, They also integrate with your other automation and incident management tools so both manual and automated tasks can be managed in one place.


Real-time dashboards

Real-time dashboards provide live visibility into all runbook tasks, making it easy to share progress with team members or stakeholders. Monitor the status of work across your organization, identify areas that require immediate attention, and continuously improve.

Advanced execution analytics

With visibility into task execution analytics (e.g. Recovery Time Objective vs. Recovery Time Actual) via custom dashboards you are provided with a clear view of how events are progressing and how long tasks are taking versus forecasted expectations.

Node maps

Cutover's node map visualizes the flow of work across your teams and technology as a networked set of processes, helping you identify parallel tasks and dependencies, manage the critical path, and stay on schedule.

An automated, indelible audit trail

Cutover automatically records all actions taken in the platform, ensuring you have an accurate record of events for post-event review and regulatory compliance.

Communications made easy

Automated communication paths keep your teams informed through built-in communication features and integrations. These built-in communication paths enable engineering, technology and business functions to collaborate with less friction.

The Cutover Integration Suite

The Cutover Integration Suite provides an open API and a wide ecosystem of pre-built integrations across the IT technology stack. Cutover enables you to have full flexibility for tight integrations via a REST API for the programmatic creation and execution of recovery plans, cloud migrations, and application releases and patching. An external developer portal also allows you to programatically build access directly to the Cutover platform and resources for the creation of workspaces, runbooks, tasks, teams, and users.

What our customers say

"The ability to automate communications to stakeholders across the business through one system enables us to manage change consistently, reducing customer impact and increasing business confidence in a successful delivery."

Matt Coxhead
What our customers say

"Cutover has been absolutely foundational to everything we've achieved in this program over the last year but especially over the final weekend where we had the vast majority of staff remote. Trying to execute such a complex, multi-threaded and cross-party migration without Cutover would simply have been impossible. Thank you to the team for your help, guidance, and support."

What our customers say

“[Cutover is] the closest thing that we have to an easy button [for cloud migrations].”

Mary McDanieL - PMP. Global Application Migration and Modernization Practice Manager, EMEA

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