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2024 Gartner® report: Tips to bolster your disaster recovery program
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Simplify cloud disaster recovery 

Many leading organizations manage thousands of applications, up to 30% of which are business critical and need to be recovered in less than an hour. This is why cloud disaster recovery is highly complex and lacks scalability. Additionally, demonstrating your ability to execute cloud disaster recovery to regulatory bodies can be challenging. This is why our customers use our runbook software to efficiently execute, test and prove their cloud disaster recovery procedures.

Cloud disaster recovery software
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Reduce recovery time by 50%
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Increase audit efficiency by 60%
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Improve resilience efficiency by 300%

Cloud disaster recovery benefits

Whether your IT systems are cloud-native, hybrid or multi-cloud, you need to ensure you can recover from outages while meeting regulatory requirements. Cloud DR is a complex process with challenges across your application portfolio that can significantly impact your operations and bottom line. Cutover is a centralized and scalable solution to address your cloud DR challenges and streamline the process. Here's how Cutover’s cloud disaster recovery software can help:

Cutover cloud disaster recovery runbook platform
Cloud disaster recovery runbook repository
Cloud disaster recovery runbook dashboard and audit log
Cloud disaster recovery runbook integration with fault injection simulator
AWS and Cutover demo preview

Cloud disaster recovery with Cutover and AWS

With Cutover’s central repository of runbooks and integrations you can automate and scale the recovery of your cloud applications end to end. Gain visibility and control across all your cloud workloads on one platform. Cutover’s automated recovery plans and runbooks include integrations with:

  • AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Service(DRS)
  • AWS Fault Injection Service (FIS)
  • AWS Resilience Hub assessment and recommendation
  • AWS Route53 ARC

See how Cutover integrates with AWS

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What our customers say

“AWS and Cutover play a critical role in the delivery of our key cloud program at Barclays. This is enabling us to realise our strategic goals while ensuring operational resilience, which is an indication of their commitment to supporting our business."

 Will Westwick
CTO of Enterprise Technology - Barclays
What our customers say

“Hundreds of individuals can follow the operation as it progresses and coordinate via Cutover.... Managers maintain a bird’s eye view of progress and IT staff can better see what’s expected of them.”

What our customers say

"Cutover is a modern change management platform. Managers use it to create runbooks which document resilience tests and release management. Runbooks become the authoritative record of business processes for IT."


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