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Integration suite

Dashboards and analytics

Cutover’s real-time reporting and analytics give you the data you need to continuously improve your technology operational processes while managing risk and meeting regulatory requirements. 

Real-time visibility and control
Pivot and make quick, informed decisions during events
Continuously improve your internal processes
Meet regulatory compliance

Benefits of Cutover's analytics features:

Cutover's dashboard


Real-time visibility of runbook tasks. This enables you to monitor the status of work across your organization, identify areas that require immediate attention, and continuously improve internal processes. Easily share dashboards with external team members or stakeholders that need to view progress.

Multi-runbook dashboards

Easily manage multiple technology operational events, track progress in real time and drill down into runbooks that require attention, all from one screen.

Cutover's multi-runbook dashboard
Cutover's post implementation review

Post-implementation review

Get a clear picture of how your event has performed to evaluate whether objectives were met, how effectively a program was executed and future actions required to make improvements.

Audit Trail

Events and tasks are automatically recorded by the Cutover platform, facilitating in-depth analysis and improvement, while also satisfying regulatory and compliance requirements with an immutable audit log.

Cutover's Audit log

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