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Cutover Integrations

Integrate Cutover with your technology stack to accelerate and scale technology resilience, cloud migration and application release with automation. Build simple integrations or sophisticated automated workflows to remove repetitive processes and unlock productivity across your teams.

Enable your DevOps teams to easily build simple or sophisticated integrations to automate and support your runbooks.

Remove siloed operations across DevOps and IT teams
Reduce repetitive and error-prone tasks
Meet the changing demands of IT and adapt quickly
Uncover and explore new opportunities for process improvements


  • Handle all HTTP request methods that conform to REST API standards
  • Allow for the customization of inbound and outbound payload requests
  • Capture and store response data within Cutover
  • Support authentication including OAuth and AWS authentication via the STS token service
  • Permit the inspection of nested API responses to retrieve the values you need
  • Support polling

Integration Examples

Cutover integrates with many tools across the technology recovery stack. From IT service management, BCM and DevOps, to monitoring, automation and collaboration - build automations so you can work more efficiently while reducing risk.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Synchronize tickets from your ITSM platform on the fly and pull important system configuration information (CI) into Cutover to reduce configuration drift and ensure accurate data during recovery.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Manage recovery time objectives (RTO) and compare recovery time actuals (RTAs) from test/invocation execution in Cutover.

Infrastructure as code (IaC)

Execute scripts to provision infrastructure and application processes with increased control and speed during recovery.

Monitoring & DevOps

Enable a fast response and recovery from a monitoring system alert.


Enable communication and collaboration while keeping stakeholders, DevOps, cloud and recovery teams informed with instant and automated messages.

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