Slack to Cutover integration

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May 26, 2021

Millions of people use Slack daily to collaborate and communicate across teams. With Cutover, you can post messages to Slack to update colleagues on progress and create awareness of your runbook activities.


How the Slack integration works

This integration allows you to post messages to Slack through Cutover. There is a specific task type for sending a Slack message, which is identified in Cutover by the Slack Icon associated with the task. The message and channel can be viewed in the task’s detail. When the task is started the status of the message being sent can be seen. Slack integration1

What information does Slack need from a user?

It’s as simple as including the channel you want to send the message to and the message itself. When the task starts, this message is sent to the specified channel.slack integration 4-1
Prerequisites and setup requirements

You only need to set up the installation with Slack once (this takes five minutes). To use the Slack integration for Cutover, you need to create a Slack App with permission to post to the channels you want to post to (chat:post.public). Once this is done you need to provide your OAuth token to Cutover.


Want to find out more information our Slack integration? Speak to one of our team here.


Slack FAQs

What is the architecture?
Cutover will send a message directly to your Slack channel using Slack’s Web API.

Can the Slack integration send to multiple channels?
Yes, in order to send to multiple channels, you need to create a task per channel. To
do this, you need the scope to be set up to allow for posting to all required channels.

Can the Slack integration post to private/public/broadcast channels?
Yes, to do this, just enable the Slack integration to allow for posting to all required channels.

Does this integration run in rehearsal?
This integration does not run in rehearsal by default.

What are the states of the Slack integration?
A task associated with a Slack channel has three states:

  • Message sending
  • Message sent
  • Connection failed


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