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Slack connects people and teams to each other and the information they need, making it easier than ever to collaborate and communicate across departments. With Cutover, you can post messages to Slack to update colleagues on progress or create awareness of your runbook. 

What can the Slack integration do?

Post messages to Slack using your Cutover runbook using Slack’s Web API. To do this, simply create a new task and set the Task Type as “Post Message to Slack”. The message and channel information can be viewed in the Task Detail panel. Just enter your desired message and specify the channel you’d like your message to be posted to.

What can the Slack integration do-2

When the task is started, the status of the message being sent is updated in real time in Cutover and in Slack.

What can the Slack integration do 2 (1)


First, Slack will need to be added to your Cutover instance within our Global Settings menu. Ensure that you have enabled the appropriate permissions in order to post to the channels you’d like to send messages to. Refer to this page for further information.



Integrate & communicate: How to connect Slack to Cutover
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integration FAQs

How is this integration secure? This integration connects directly to Slack. If needed, individual user OAuth tokens can also be used.
Can the Slack integration post to private/public broadcast channels? Yes. After setting up the integration, simply enable it to allow for posting to all required channels.
Can the Slack integration send messages to single and multiple channels? Yes. One task type is authorized to use Slack. Within the task, you can specify which Slack channel you’d like to send the message to. To send messages to multiple channels, you will need to set up the same Task Type with a different channel specified. You’ll follow this process each time depending on how many channels you’d like to send messages to.
What are the states of the Slack integration? A task associated with a Slack integration has three states which are: Message sending, Message sent, and Connection failed.

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