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May 25, 2021

Introducing the Cutover app for Slack

In order for businesses to deliver exceptional services and best-in-class solutions to customers, it’s imperative that they strive for operational excellence. This, however, is a difficult journey for many companies due to their distributed workforces requiring collaboration across remote teams.

Excelling in this remote, distributed digital workplace requires new ways of working, where orchestrating critical work and collaborating and communicating across teams is seamless and easy. Unsurprisingly, Slack has become the collaboration and communication platform of choice for companies of all sizes - it’s become an indispensable ecosystem of work, with channels, chats, and files.  

As we know that Slack is the go-to collaboration tool for many of our clients, we’ve recently introduced the Cutover app for Slack to make it easier to leverage the benefits of both tools. With the Cutover app for Slack, teams can harness the collective power of both Cutover (for orchestrating critical work end to end) and Slack (for team collaboration & communication).  

“Slack and Cutover coming together is a huge efficiency gain for our joint clients on their journey to operational excellence,” said Toby Brook, Partner, Deloitte.  “Quickly bridging the gap between the orchestration of work and critical communication is paving the way for intelligent automation and a practical first step in collaboration across teams and technologies.”

No matter what you’re working on, we all know the feeling of tabbing back and forth between Slack messages, and the platform you’re working in - whether it’s to make, find, or provide updates, take an action, or implement some feedback or direction. The Slack app enables Cutover users to work in their communication and collaboration platform, providing a streamlined experience and better visibility across teams and workstreams. 

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Cutover to enable better efficiency across our collective user communities,”. With Cutover and Slack, teams can execute critical work faster and more effectively, while reducing admin,” said  Brad Kilshaw, Head of EMEA channel and Alliances, Slack

For organizations leveraging Cutover for technology release, operational resilience, and transformation programs, the new Cutover app for Slack allows you to interact with your Cutover runbooks directly in Slack.  Updating runbooks is as easy as sending a message to a colleague. With the Cutover app, teams can create dedicated runbook channels in Slack with assigned users added automatically.  If you have upcoming tasks in a Cutover runbook, you’ll get live notifications and you can actually start and finish your tasks without even leaving Slack.  


Get the Cutover slack app today on the app store. 


Harness the full power of the Cutover platform directly in Slack: 

  •  Create a dedicated runbook channel in Slack
  •  View a list of upcoming tasks 
  •  Get live runbook notifications in Slack 
  • Start and finish Cutover tasks directly in Slack 


To learn more about the Cutover app for slack, check out our video:


For more information on Cutover’s Slack app:

Contact your customer success manager or email us at For news & updates connect with us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter: @gocutover. 

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