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ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform for IT service management (ITSM). Use Cutover to seamlessly integrate with ServiceNow to quickly and efficiently reduce configuration drift and ensure accurate data during recovery or release processes. 

Integrate ServiceNow and Cutover to automatically pull important configuration item (CI) data into Cutover as a task or auto-generate a Cutover runbook based on ServiceNow tickets. This enables you to maintain the source of truth and traceability for system configurations in ServiceNow and utilize Cutover as your disaster recovery execution engine. 

What can the ServiceNow integration do?


You will need administrator access within ServiceNow to create API tokens to integrate with Cutover. You will also need administrator access within Cutover to create the integration with ServiceNow.


integration FAQs

How is the ServiceNow integration enabled? The integration is enabled via Cutover’s integration functionality.
Can I create custom fields in Cutover to port additional ServiceNow field information into Cutover? Yes, with the help of your Customer Success Manager and Cutover's Partner Engineers, we can accommodate your unique business integration requests.
Can I populate ServiceNow fields directly from a Cutover task? Yes, you can. Within a Cutover task, you can set up bi-directional fields that can be updated from Cutover which will be automatically reflected in ServiceNow. Conversely, if the field is updated in ServiceNow it will be automatically reflected in Cutover.

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