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Mattermost is a self-hosted chat service that is used daily to collaborate and communicate across teams. You can enable Cutover to post messages to Mattermost channels, which can be used to share progress on runbooks; therefore reducing time spent in project meetings and giving real-time visibility of progress.


What can the Mattermost integration do?

Use the integration to post messages directly to an existing Mattermost channel directly from a Cutover task. To do this, just select the Mattermost specific Task Type in your Cutover runbook, which is identified by the Mattermost icon. When you add this task to your runbook, include the message you wish to send in the Task Details panel.

Cutover to Matternost integration Task list

When the task starts, the message is sent to your chosen Mattermost channel and the status of the message being sent is displayed in Cutover. When the message has been sent successfully, the status updates.

Cutover to Matternost integration message sent

In a simple step, you can greatly enhance the transparency of your critical work by getting information and updates without needing to leave Mattermost. 



Customers should already be using Mattermost. You should also check that users of Mattermost have the System Admin role to create channels that allow incoming webhooks. Further information on webhooks can be found on the Mattermost website.


integration FAQs

How secure is the integration? It is completely secure as you will set up your own webhook which is generated from within your Mattermost channel. The webhook details are stored securely and encrypted in our system.
How many Mattermost channels can you have? There is no limit to the number of Mattermost channels you can have. However, you will need to create one integration per instance in Cutover and one webhook for each channel in Mattermost.
Can one message be posted in multiple channels? Our integration targets one channel, therefore the message will be posted to the channel that has been configured with the integration.

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