Cutover now integrates with Jira to enable any organization to greatly increase visibility into their software development lifecycle, accelerate their software release process, and eliminate manual steps that release managers or testers would have to go through. Use our integration to build runbooks that bring all critical activities and people involved in a release into one place.

What can the Jira integration do?

The Jira integration allows you to automatically create a Jira ticket straight from a Cutover task, then automatically pull through the ticket ID within Cutover. The Jira ticket status is reflected in Cutover and when the status changes it will be automatically updated. You can also look up existing Jira tickets, create a Jira issue, populate pre-determined jira text and custom fields via a Cutover task and automatically update task details in Cutover when a linked Jira ticket changes. 

In addition, we have created lookup fields that will query directly into your Jira environment, helping you easily find existing tickets that you want to work with inside Cutover.  

What can the integration do


You will need Admin access within Jira in order to create API tokens, webhooks, and custom fields to integrate with Cutover. You will also need Admin access within Cutover to create the integration with Jira.


integration FAQs

How is the Jira integration enabled? The Cutover Jira integration is enabled via the use of Atlassian API webhooks and AWS Lambdas. However, Cutover is creating its own outbound payload editor and inbound payload transformer, so in 2022, the use of AWS Lambdas will no longer be required.
Can I create additional custom fields in Cutover or port additional Jira field information into Cutover? Yes, with the help of your Customer Success Manager and Cutover's Partner Engineers, we can accommodate your bespoke requests.
Can I populate Jira fields straight from a Cutover Task? Yes, you can. Within a Cutover Task, you can set up bi-directional fields that can be updated from Cutover which will be automatically reflected in Jira. Conversely, if the field is updated in Jira it will be automatically reflected in Cutover.

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