Jira to Cutover Integration

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July 20, 2021

Cutover now integrates with Atlassian's Jira, one of the most popular agile software development ticketing tools on the market. This integration enables any organisation leveraging Cutover to greatly increase visibility into their software development lifecycle. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Cutover and Jira integration demo 1080p

How the Jira integration works

Currently, our integration supports the ability to:

  • 1) Create a Jira issue such as a user story
  • 2) Populate an issue's text fields and custom fields straight from within Cutover
  • 3) Reflect the ID of a newly created Jira ticket within Cutover

Here we see a Cutover Jira integration task, where you will have the ability to populate pre-determined Jira text fields and custom fields.

The Cutover runbook is now executing a "Live Run" and the Jira integration task fires. A "Connection successful" status is shown, meaning the task has executed successfully and a corresponding Jira issue has been created. In this case, the issue's ticket ID is SSB-160, as seen in the grey pill.

Switching over to Jira, we can now see the newly created ticket: SSB-160 along with all its details, including a Cutover Task URL that takes you straight to the associated Cutover Task. 

Want to find out more information about our Jira integration? Fill out the form below to speak to one of our team here. 


Jira integration FAQs

How is the Jira integration enabled?

The Cutover Jira integration interacts with the Atlassian API via the use of web hooks and AWS Lambdas


Can I create additional custom fields in Cutover, or port additional Jira field information into Cutover?

Yes absolutely. With the help of the Customer Success Manager and Cutover's Partner Engineers, we can accommodate your bespoke requests. Just give us a ping.


Can I populate Jira fields straight from a Cutover Task?

Yes you can.


Will the Jira ticket created via Cutover include a URL linking that ticket to the Cutover Runbook?



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