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Automate your work and maximize productivity with Cutover’s GitHub integration–effortlessly create and execute tasks within the Cutover platform to create branches and pull requests in GitHub. Our customers use GitHub, an open source version control software which lets multiple people make separate changes to a project or application’s source code at the same time.  

What can the GitHub integration do?

Use our integration to create branches and pull requests in GitHub within Cutover. Add a new Task type for the action you’d like to execute and connect the integration to the Task type within the Global Settings > Integrations menu. Once you’ve entered the necessary details, your GitHub task types will be enabled and available for use in your runbook.


Your repository will update accordingly after your tasks are executed. 


To use this integration, you will need to create an app token with permissions to your GitHub repositories. Additionally, please note that each integration action and linked repository counts as its own individual integration. 


integration FAQs

Can the GitHub integration send requests to multiple repositories? Absolutely. In order to do so, you will need to create an individual integration for every repository you’d like to send a request to.
Does the GitHub integration run in rehearsal? Currently, integrations do not run in rehearsal by default.
What are the states of the GitHub integration? The following states are available for the Create Branch and Create Pull Request integration actions: success_status: Branch created, connect_status: Creating branch, fail_status: Failed to create branch / Branch already exists, success_status: Pull request created, connect_status: Attempting to create pull request, fail_status: Failed to create pull request.

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